Participation in a Reverse Auction of Rosatom

I. Search and viewing of bidding announcement. Familiarization with procurement documentation

1. To search for bidding procedures of nuclear sector, please, use the search box in E-marketplace section by ticking Nuclear sector procurement field.
2. Viewing of bidding announcement is available for all visitors or members of the System, but to participate in a procedure the following requirements should be observed:

  • registration in the System is completed;
  • participant has a current Electronic Signature suitable for participation in nuclear sector procurement and registered in the System (mandatory requirement for Russia-incorporated participants);
  • registration as a participant of nuclear sector procurement is completed;
  • an effective pricing plan is purchased.

3. Bidding procedure consists of bidding announcement containing the basic information on the procedure, a detailed description of lots included in the bidding. A set of tabs displayed when viewing the announcement and lot description may vary depending on the stage of bidding procedure.
4. Bidding announcement contains the following information and elements:

  • form and method of procurement procedure;
  • information on the subject of purchase;
  • list of lots specifying the scope of contract for each lot and links to the lot details;
  • procedure publication date;
  • last editing date;
  • information on bidding organizer;
  • information on the bidding organizer’s source of funding;
  • venue of the bidding;
  • procurement documents provision procedure;
  • Download documentation
5. When clicking
Download documentation
button, a participant gets access to the documents that were previously uploaded by the bidding organizer, that are displayed in Reverse Auction Documents section as a list of links for files downloading. These documents are viewable to all System users, including those not-registered.

6. Familiarization with the reverse auction documentation (for the bidding procedure in whole or for lots) is a mandatory stage of participation in the bidding. Documentation for certain lots is not required for publication of bidding announcement and may be absent.
7. In Documents tab of bidding announcement bidding organizer may place the information that could not be displayed in any other tab of the procurement procedure:
8. Lot description contains the following information:

  • subject of the contract;
  • products category under OKPD2 (Russian Classifier of Products by Economic Activities);
  • list of purchasing items within the lot;
  • initial (maximum) lot price;
  • list of scheduled dates, including:
    а. publication date;
    b. bid submission deadline date;
    c. bids opening date;
    d. date of examination of the first parts of bids;
    e. reverse auction start date and reverse auction end date (set automatically depending on the former one);
    f. date of examination of the second parts of bids and announcement of results;
    g. contract conclusion date.
  • customers info;
  • payment procedure info;
  • delivery terms and conditions;
  • conditions of participation for the participants qualifying for Small and Medium Enterprises;
  • information on bid security and contract performance security;
  • information on granting preferences.

9. Purchasing items tab contains a full list of the purchased items, their quantity, measurement units and delivery start and completion dates.
10. Requirements contains the requirements set by the reverse auction organizer to the bidders, products to be supplied and to the forms to be completed to participate in the bidding. These requirements are divided into Part 1 and Part 2 of a bid.
11. A user viewing a reverse auction announcement can also subscribe to bidding-related notifications. In this case the System will send notifications on any updates and the progress of the bidding procedure to the Personal Workspace (in case a user is registered in the System) and (or) to his e-mail. To activate mailing of notifications click Subscribe link on the announcement page. There are also the similar links on the pages of each lot of a reverse auction. Non-registered users shall enter an e-mail address when activating notifications mailing.

II. Requests for clarification.

1. When reviewing the bidding procedure and reverse auction documentation, reverse auction participant may request clarification of provisions thereof from the organizer. To submit a request for clarifications, open Requests for clarification tab on the reverse auction announcement page:
2. Click Request a clarification button. The System will display a request submission form:

3. Complete the form and click
button. The System will display Requests for clarification tab with the saved text of the submitted request and a notification Your question is sent to the bidding organizer will be displayed:

4. Not logged in users also can submit requests for clarifications. In this case a numerical code should be entered when sending the request.
5. Before the publication of bidding organizer’s reply, the text of the request for clarification of the provisions of the procurement documents is only displayed to user who has submitted the request and to the reverse auction organizer. Request for clarification submitted by a not logged in user is only visible to the bidding organizer before publication of a reply.
6. Once the reply to the request for clarification is published, it is displayed in Requests for clarification tab:
7. A published reply is available to any visitor of reverse auction announcement page.

III. Drawing-up a bid to participate in a reverse auction

1. Once a reverse auction announcement is published, the status of each lot changes to Bids submission in progress, participants can see
Submit a bid >>
button appearing on the reverse auction lot page and bids submission stage begins.

2. Bids are registered for each lot separately.
3. Bids can be submitted starting from the time of publication of a reverse auction and until bids submission deadline specified in the lot description.
4. To submit a bid to participate in the reverse auction, a bidder shall upload the documents constituting parts 1 and 2 of the bid, and complete the forms constituting the bid via the System interface.
5. The System allows to upload as part of a bid the files in a predetermined format and limits a maximum size of each file. The lists of supported files types and a maximum size thereof are provided in the comments to the file uploading links in each form where file uploading is provided for.
6. Reverse auction organizer has the right to deny the bidder’s admittance to the participation in case the bid does not comply with the requirements in terms of submission and (or) content, as well as for other reasons provided for by the Uniform Industry Procurement Standard. In case a participant activated mailing of notifications on bidding procedures to the Personal Workspace or to e-mail in Subscriptions and mailing section, the System will send a notification on the reverse auction organizer’s decision to Incoming messages section of the Personal Workspace and (or) to the e-mail.
7. Bidding organizer may require to complete the following forms constituting Part 1 of a bid:

  • Requirements to the supplied products – shall be provided by the bidders in the files uploaded;
  • Cost Summary (in case a reverse auction is held for products supply or services provision) to be completed by the bidders via a form on the bid page (Cost Summary);
  • Equipment (materials) specification (in case a reverse auction is held for products supply) to be completed by the bidders instead of Cost Summary via a form on the bid page; in case reverse auction organizer does not require completion of Cost Summary form, a participant will see Equipment Specification form;
  • Delivery schedule shall be provided by the bidders as a mandatory completed form attached to the bid;
  • Payment schedule shall be provided by the bidders as a mandatory completed form attached to the bid;
  • Participant’s bid (Part 1) shall be uploaded by a bidder as a file attached to a bid;
  • Technical Proposal is a form to be uploaded by the bidder as a file attached to the bid;

8. When announcing a reverse auction, bidding organizer can include recommendations on completion of delivery schedule into the lot description. In such case Completion template according to the provisions established by the Organizer link is displayed in the form when completing the schedule. Upon clicking the link a table with the data attached by the organizer as a pattern expands in the schedule form. These very data are automatically put into the schedule form, and a reverse auction participant may accept those and save a pre-completed schedule or complete it on his own:
8.1. Bidding organizer can include into a lot recommendations on completion of payment schedule. In case initial purchasing item prices are specified in the lot, participants will see a schedule completion template when submitting a bid:

Please, note! Since the first parts of bids are examined by the organizer on a no-name basis, the information for this part of a bid should not contain the company name, and it is advisable not to draw it up on the company’s letterhead paper.

9. Cost Summary used in a reverse auction bid may be of two types – Type 1 and Type 2.
10. Type 1 of the Cost Summary includes the following fields to be completed:

  • VAT rate – a drop-down menu to select VAT rate in a percentage terms;
  • Other additional costs;
  • Transportation;
  • additional fields determined by the organizer when arranging a reverse auction.

10.1. The form also contains the fields which are not completed by the participant but that influence the bid price:

  • Quantity – number of units within an item;
  • Per unit price (excl.VAT);
  • Per unit price (incl.VAT);
  • Item cost (excl. VAT);
  • Item cost (incl.VAT).

10.2. Based on the stated per unit prices a total bid price will be calculated according to the following algorithm:

EXW per unit price excl. VAT = (Item cost incl. VAT / ((100 + VAT rate) / 100)) / Total quantity - Other additional costs - Transportation
Per unit price excl. VAT = EXW per unit price excl. VAT + Other additional costs + Transporation
Per unit price incl. VAT shall be completed by the bidding organizer when announcing a reverse auction
Item cost excl. VAT = Per unit price excl. VAT * Total quantity
Item cost incl. VAT shall be completed by the bidding organizer when announcing a reverse auction

Participant’s bid price is calculated as a total of values of Item cost incl. VAT column.
11. Type 2 of the Cost Summary includes the following fields to be completed:

  • VAT rate – a drop-down menu to select VAT rate in percentage terms;
  • non-price additional fields established by the organizer when arranging a reverse auction.

12. In case a reverse auction organizer has provided for the bidders a possibility to suggest equivalents of requested items, the participants can do so. To offer an equivalent, click Add an equivalent item link in the table form. The System will display a form to enter the details of the suggested equivalent item:
12.1. When completing an equivalent item form, Item cost incl. VAT value should coincide with that of the replaced item. While attempting to submit a bid with a suggested equivalent item differing in the price including VAT, a participant will see a notification:
12.2. A bidder can add several equivalent items instead of one. In this case a total cost of all equivalent items should be equal to the cost of the replaced one.
13. Cost Summary form can be completed by uploading a Microsoft Excel (.xlsm) file. To upload a Cost Summary as a file, the following should be done:

  • Click Use template for automatic uploading link. The System will display template download and file upload form:

  • Click Download template button. The System will suggest saving cost_summary_table_114746.xlsm (reverse auction number will be inserted automatically). The saved file contains all the fields present in Cost Summary form.
  • Complete the Cost Summary file, then click Upload file in upload form on the System page, select the saved file on a disk and open it. The System will display the name of the selected file, the content of the completed Cost Summary and will display a notice The completed file has been checked. Click "Submit" button to save the Cost Summary:

  • In case additional files containing documents are attached to the Cost Summary, use Attach files link or Add a file from Repository link.
  • Click Submit button. The System will display bid completion page and Cost Summary /Requirements Specification completed successfully notice.
Please, note! Only templates received by clicking Download template are acceptable for uploading to the form. No extraneous files can be processed. Also, when preparing the file, file format can not be changed – the System only processes files with .xlsm extension. In case a reverse auction bid contains equivalent items Excel macros should be enabled in .xlsm file to add those.

14. When completing the Cost Summary there is a limit preventing from stating a lot price exceeding its initial (maximum) price. When attempting to submit a bid stating a price exceeding initial lot price, the System will display an error notification.
15. Part 2 of a participant’s bid can contain the following forms to be completed:
15.1. Obligatory forms:

  • participants’ bid (Part 2) shall be provided by the bidders as file to be uploaded;
  • participant's profile contains the information about the participant and shall be provided as an uploaded file;
  • manufacturer’s profile – a part of bid to be completed in one copy at least; manufacturer’s profile contains three forms to be completed via the System website: Company info, Organizational structure and Production and products. When completing a reverse auction bid, participant is required to complete at least one manufacturer’s profile, and a participant may also add new manufacturer’s profiles, each of which shall contain the same three forms. It is also possible to save a manufacturer’s profile in a company’s Documents Repository, and to upload it from the Repository to a reverse auction bid.

15.2. Optionally completed forms (though, it is advised to complete those to avoid bid rejection):

  • Materials and Equipment Available Certificate;
  • Manpower Available Certificate;
  • products supply / works performance /services provision amounts allocation plan between the reverse auction participants and suppliers/subcontractors – in case the customer needs the information on the suppliers / subcontractors (makes a part of a bid if required by an organizer);
  • confirmation of the right to supply (is to be completed for the offered equipment of any type), uploaded as a file;
  • contract performance history.

The information on Part 2 of a bid can be arranged on a company’s letterhead papers specifying a full company name, since once the bids are opened, bidding organizer can see a full information about the participants.
16. Other documents constituting a bid may be uploaded by a participant as free-form files or added from the documents repository.
17. Upon completion of the bid forms and the bid signing with e-signature, a bid is saved and a reverse auction participant can see its bid in the reverse auction lot in My bids tab.

Please, note! In case a procurement procedure is not subject to the Federal Law No.223-FZ, non Russia-incorporated participants may save and submit a bid without signing it, if they do not have an E-signature. But if a non Russia-incorporated participant has an E-signature registered in the System, the bid must be signed therewith.
In case a procurement procedure is held subject to Federal Law No.223-FZ, using an E-signature is mandatory for all the participants.

IV. Bid editing and refusal to participate in a reverse auction

1. Bidding organizer may change the conditions of a bidding procedure either in general or for any separate lot. Participants are notified (depending on the notifications distribution method selected) of such changes by system messages; besides, such changes are displayed in Changes history tab.
In relation to a modification of the conditions of a bidding procedure by the organizer as well as for any other reasons, a bidder may edit his bid or refuse to participate in the bidding before bids submission deadline.

2. To edit a bid it is necessary to open an editing form by clicking
Edit the bid
button on the lot page.

3. Editing and (or) deletion of the documents from the list of those submitted to the organizer can be made in the same way that a bid was completed.
4. Any changes made while editing a bid shall be certified with an e-signature (for non Russia-incorporated participants using of E-signature is nor mandatory if there is no E-signature available, but is required if an E-signature is available). Once submitted, the edited bid is displayed in My bids tab of the lot with Submitted version status assigned. The previous versions of the bid submitted before the latest changes have been made are also displayed in My bids tab with Invalid version status:
5. To refuse to participate in a reverse auction (withdraw a bid), click Withdraw a bid link which is displayed on the lot page, on the right of the main table. When withdrawing a bid, participant shall sign the respective withdrawal document with an E-signature.
6. A bid may be withdrawn before bids submission deadline.
7. A withdrawn bid is saved in the list of bids in My bids tab with Withdrawn status.

V. Bids opening. Organizer’s decisions depending on the number of participants

1. A separate bids submission deadline and bids opening date are provided for in a reverse auction. Upon bids submission deadline participants can not submit their bids, edit them or withdraw previously submitted bids anymore. Starting from bids submission deadline until bids opening, bidding organizer has no access to the content of the submitted bids.
2. Upon bids opening date and time bidding organizer gets access to the information and the documents constituting Part 1 of the submitted bids; and as provided by the anonymity principle, participants’ names are displayed as code names: Participant 1, Participant 2.
3. Bidding organizer shall consider Parts 1 of all the bids submitted by the participants, and shall decide on admittance or denial to admit to participation in the reverse auction for each participant.
4. While considering the reverse auction participants’ bids, such bids may be assigned with Admitted to participation or Admittance denied status. A bid may also remain in Not processed yet status in case bids examination report stated that additional documents should be requested for such bid, or in case no decision on that bid was stated in the report.
5. Participants who have submitted bids for participation in a reverse auction can see the information on the number of bidders for the lots they bidded for, upon opening of Parts 1 of the bids. Once the bids are examined, each participant can also see the status of his bid. The information on the bidders is displayed in Reverse Auction Bids tab as a table with Company, Bid ID and Status fields.
The names of competing bidders are hidden under alias names Participant 1, Participant 2, etc. until opening of Parts 2 of the bids.
6. Bidding organizer resolves on the list of the bidders admitted to participation in the reverse auction in Prequalification Bids Examination Report by considering Parts 1 of the bids.
7. Bidding organizer may either admit a bidder to participation or deny participation – both decisions will be stated in the Report. Denial of a bidder’s admittance to participate shall be accompanied with a justification of such denial.
8. Bids (Part 1) examination report shall be published as an interim or final Report.
9. If an interim Report contains a request for provision of additional documents towards a participant, such participant will receive, at the time of Report publication, in Incoming messages section of the Personal Workspace and (or), depending on the subscription on the system messages, to e-mail, the following notification.
10. In case bidding organizer denies admittance of all the bidders or only one bidder turns out to be admitted to participate in the reverse auction (based on the results of bids (Part 1) opening), no reverse auction shall be held and a bidding procedure shall be declared void.
11. In case more there were more than 2 bidders, no pre-qualification was held and after bids examination the only bidder was left, of which the bid was not declined, Part 2 of the bid will be available to the organizer only upon his publication of the Bid (Part 1) Examination Report.
12. In case the bidding organizer admits two or more participants in the Bid Examination Report, the reverse auction will be held on the date at the time of reverse auction start (the participants will be able to place their bids).

VI. Requests for provision of additional documents

1. If the reverse auction organizer decides to request additional documents from a participant in Bid (Part 1) Examination Report, such participant may upload the new documents for his bid during the term established for provision of additional documents.
2. Requests for additional documents are published in Request for additional documents tab on the lot page. A table with the request contains the following fields:

  • Date created – date and time of circulation of Bids Examination Report stating a decision on a request for additional documents;
  • Date terminated – date and time of termination of the request for additional documents;
  • Bid – a part of the bid for which the additional documents are requested (for example, pre-qualification bid as provided for a reverse auction);
  • Organizer’s request – text comment sent by the organizer under a request for additional documents, as well as the files with the documents sent by the bidding organizer to the participants;
  • Status of the request for additional documents;
  • Date replied – date of uploading and signing the documents submitted by the participant to the organizer;
  • Documents – the list of documents uploaded by the participant pursuant to the request;
  • Actions.

3. To submit the documents under a request for additional documents, the following shall be made:

  • Click Upload documents. The System will display the documents uploading form;
  • Select the documents to upload via Attach files link. Click
    Sign and submit
    button and sign an e-document containing a list of the selected files with an E-signature. The System will save the selected files. Request for additional documents will be assigned with Submitted status.

4. Reverse auction organizer can see the status changed immediately following the submission of the documents, but can not see the documents submitted before the termination of the request for additional documents.
5. Until the termination of the request for additional documents a participant can change the contents of the uploaded documents. To edit the documents, use Edit link. All the changes made to the uploaded documents shall be signed with an E-signature (for non Russia-incorporated participants using of E-signature is not mandatory if there is no E-signature available, but is required if an E-signature is available).
6. Before the termination of the request for additional documents a participant can withdraw the submitted documents. To do so, use Withdraw link and sign a withdrawal document with E-signature. After withdrawing the documents, a participant may submit the documents again during the term of the request.
7. Within the duration of the request for additional documents the organizer may alter the request details by publishing a new version of bids examination report stating the details of the request. In case the changes to the request have been published after a participant’s submission of the requested documents, the files uploaded by the participant shall remain.
8. Once terminated, the request is assigned with Closed status. Starting from that time the organizer can view and download the documents uploaded by a participant under the request.

VII. Possible changes to the course of a reverse auction

1. When holding a reverse auction, organizer may influence the course of the bidding procedure and make the following changes:

  • edit the reverse auction announcement, lots and purchasing items;
  • extend scheduled stages of the procedure;
  • suspend/resume the bidding procedure;
  • refuse to hold the procurement procedure.

2. Reverse auction organizer may edit the auction announcement before bids submission deadline, and the bidders shall be informed on any changes by distribution of system messages. Reverse auction start date stated in the lot may be changed by the organizer for a later date prior to the initial one.
3. All the changes are recorded on Changes history page and are available for all the bidders. There is also a separate Changes history tab in each lot of the reverse auction, where all the changes made by the organizer to the lot and to the purchasing items are recorded.
4. Organizer may, upon a bidder’s complaint, suspend the bidding procedure at any stage. During such suspension the organizer may modify the announcement and the auction documentation. When a lot is suspended, a respective information block is published on the lot page:
5. Participants may submit a bid to participate in a suspended lot prior to the Bids submission deadline stated in the lot. Upon that date bids submission function at the participants is disabled automatically, and further course of the reverse auction depends on the organizer’s decision:

  • in case a complaint if found reasonable, bidding organizer reschedules Bids submission deadline and Bids opening date; and reverse auction participants can submit their bids before a new bids submission deadline;
  • in case a complaint is found unreasonable, reverse auction organizer shall only reschedule the bids opening date; the bidders are not permitted to submit their bids, and the submitted bids shall become available to the organizer only upon a new bids opening date.

6. Reverse auction organizer may resume a suspended lot. A respective resumption notice shall also be published on lot page in suspension info block.
7. Reverse auction organizer may cancel both a separate lot and a bidding procedure in whole at any time (except for the reverse auction bids placing period) with a respective cancellation report issued.

VIII. Course of a reverse auction

1. Upon the date and time of a reverse auction start the bids shall be submitted in open e-envelopes. Once any reverse auction participant places a bid, the other bidders, including the organizer himself, can immediately see such new quotation for the lot. Once the reverse auction starts, all the admitted participants can see a form for bids placing on the lot page.
The names of the participating companies are hidden both from the organizer and from the participants and are displayed as alias names Participant 1, Participant 2, etc. Real participants’ names are opened upon termination of bids placing period, at the time of bids opening (Part 2).

Please, note: if a bidding organizer has chosen to hide the names of the participants when publishing the reverse auction, their real names shall remain hidden from all but the organizer even after bids (Part 2) opening date.

2. To submit a bid, the following should be done:

  • Click
    Place a bid>>
    button. The System will display bid confirmation form;
  • Edit a new price to be within a bid increment established. Click
    button. The System will display a form to sign a bid placing document with E-signature;
  • Sign a bid placed with E-signature. The System will display the lot page. The confirmed and signed bid will be displayed in bids table. Total bids counter value will increase by 1.

3. Bids submission process is displayed immediately on the lot page, to the right of the main table. Besides the participants’ bids, this page also contains the records on all the reverse auction stages, on the number of participants for the lot, as well as on an initial and current lot price.
4. All the bids placed by the participants are displayed on the lot page for each lot separately in the three blocks:

  • Bid placing form – a form via which reverse auction participants shall enter their bids; this form also shall contain the initial and current lot price, reverse auction bid increment and a new price suggested automatically by the System.
  • Last 10 placed bids block. In case less than 11 bids were place in a reverse auction, all the bids are displayed in the table. In case there are more than 10 placed bids, a full list of the placed bids is available via Show all link.
  • Participants block – contains the list of all the reverse auction participants with their latest bids and the time of bids placing recorded.

5. The System will not allow the Participant to place a bid equal to that of another participant’s bid. In case two equal bids are made after bid placing by another participant around the same time, accepted will be the one that was submitted first – the System detects the exact time of bid submission. In such a case the other participant will receive a message that such bid can not be placed.
6. A participant may place his next bid only once any of the competitors submits his bid (overbid).
7. The System supports limitations on submission a bid on the contract price (bid):

  • participant may reduce the current minimum contract price bid by 0,5% at least and by 5% at most from the initial contract price;
  • participant can not submit a higher contract price bid than the one previously submitted by him;
  • participant can not submit the same contract price bid twice;
  • participant’s contract price bid can not be equal to zero;
  • in case a bid price approximates to zero upon bids placing, and the bid increment so allows, a participant may, when placing a new bid, tick Bid for the right to enter into a contract mark; in such a case the reverse auction continues not as a bidding procedure for the right to supply products / provide services, but as a reverse auction for the right to enter into the contract with the organizer;
  • in a reverse auction for the right to enter into the contract with the organizer the bidders increase the price offered for the right to enter into the contract; the bids placed for the right to enter into a contract are marked with an upward-directed red arrow; when putting a cursor on such bid a pop-up tip appears:

8. Duration of a reverse auction is 30 minutes. In case no bid is placed, the reverse auction terminates automatically – the System will not allow to place bids anymore.
9. When placing a next bid, a reverse auction end time increases and becomes equal to the time of placing that bid plus 30 minutes.
10. Within 30 minutes after reverse auction end time (after the point when the System does not let place bids anymore) any admitted participant of the bidding procedure (except the one who placed the last one, best bid) may submit an additional contract price bid. The bids placed within that time should be at least equal to the last (the best) bid placed in the reverse auction.
11. The bidding procedure terminates (participants are not permitted to place bids and submit their auction proposals):

  • if none of the participants have placed a bid within the first 30 minutes of the bidding procedure;
  • in 30 minutes after placing of the last bid.

12. Purchasing under different lots shall be held and completed independently from one another.
13. In case during the active stage of a reverse auction no bid was placed, upon termination of the bidding procedure and organizer’s publishing of the Results Report the bidding procedure moves to Archived subsection of Marketplace section and shall be declared void.

IX. Purchasing procedure completion and publication of a Results Report

1. When Parts 2 of the bids become available, the System reveals the names of the reverse auction participants to all visitors:
2. In case the organizer chooses to hide the participants’ names when placing a reverse auction, the participants can not see the names of the competing participants even after the termination of the bidding. External visitors of the reverse auction also can not see the participants’ names:
3. Upon termination of the reverse auction organizer gets access to the Parts 2 of the participants’ bids.
4. Then the organizer shall publish Bids (Part 2) Examination Report in the System.
5. Bids (Part 2) Examination Report is an intermediate document if it provides for requests for additional documents and a final document if no requests for additional documents are provided therein.
6. Bidding organizer shall decide on sending of a request for additional documents to the participants. If necessary, and shall state those requests in the Bids Examination Report.
7. A participant may reply to the request for additional documents in the same way as in the case of request for additional documents under Part 1 of the bid – on the lot page in Request for additional documents.
8. As the other reverse auction-related reports, bids (Part 2) examination report is available in the lot, in Reports tab:
9. Information on the lot winner selection, submitted by the organizer, is published on the lot page in the bids table:

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